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Dramaturgy & Script Editing

Painting by Emma. Original photo by  Maria Spadafora .

Painting by Emma. Original photo by Maria Spadafora.

Dramaturgy & Script Editing

Current / Recent

Dancing Bear: Dramaturgy with Jamie Fletcher and Co and Writer Beccy Owen on a show exploring LGBTQ+ people’s experience in relation to Christianity. ‘How and who should we love?’ Touring 2018 to Palace Theatre, Manchester, West Yorkshire Playhouse and beyond.

"Working with Emma has opened up so many creative doors for me. Emma has been absolutely vital in helping me to develop a deeply personal, highly complex and challenging piece of work. Emma is a skilful collaborator and dramaturg, bringing boundless courage, unique insight and often much-needed levity to the process of making a show. In doing so, Emma fosters those same qualities in others as she goes. She has been one of the most encouraging, stimulating, sensitive and influential artists I have worked with in recent years." - Beccy Owen, Writer
“Not only is Emma a good laugh and a joy to work with but she’s also a brilliant Dramaturg. Working with her on Dancing Bear has been ace. Emma has a wonderful way of keeping you on track and pulling you back to the controlling idea of the show which is not always an easy task when dealing with difficult subject matter and lots of creative thoughts and ideas floating around. She is a caring and dedicated collaborator.” - Jamie Fletcher, Director

Woke: Dramaturgy with the hip hop artist Testament for his one man show about feminism WOKE. Touring West Yorkshire Playhouse, London Roundhouse, Camden People’s Theatre and Manchester Royal Exchange 2017/18. 

“Emma was crucial in helping me find my own artistic voice and developing a very personal and ambitious work for West Yorkshire Playhouse Leeds, Royal Exchange Manchester, and The Roundhouse London. She brought critical insight, opened up new ways of thinking about creativity and storytelling and was also great at talking to me as an artist and encouraging me onto the next goal.” - Andy Brooks AKA Testament

Pro Forma: Spoon Theory: Dramaturgy with Bex Boucher on a work in progress scratch of her one woman show about surviving the loss of a limb and then the subsequent devastating experience of applying for PIP (Personal Independence Payments). Scratched at Gala Theatre, Durham and will be part of Live Lab at Live Theatre, Newcastle in 2018

The Writing Squad:  Core Team member supporting and mentoring young writers aged 16-21 who live, work or study in the North of England. The support is rigorous and long term and is shaped by the constant renewal of the needs, ambitions and circumstances of the writers. The Writing Squad takes Squad writers seriously as writers, artists and activists, they just happen to be young.


Littley Car: Script Editing for Chris Boylan on his short film set in Bradford.

"Working with Emma is always a pleasure. Emma has a deceptively light-handed way of patiently asking the right questions in the draft process and providing honest but supportive feedback. She always had great suggestions to keep the writing flowing and was incredibly organised at setting up review meetings and keeping the process on track. Emma is a very modest master of her craft." - Chris Boylan, Director

Caught Short: Feedback Sessions for the ‘Digital Shorts’ Programme.  Mentor for writers on the ‘Caught Short’ programme for Screen Yorkshire,.